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PS5 Graphics Best Ever According To Yakuza Developer


With the PlayStation 5 clearly on the horizon, more and more details are being revealed on the upcoming console. The console is set to set the standard to another level and a developer from the Yakuza series says that the PS5 graphics will be “incredible” and “the best we’ve yet to see.”

Toshihiro Nagoshi spoke during the Sega Nama broadcast stating during the Sega Nama broadcast the following, “if you pour the PS5’s power into graphics it’ll be the best that we’ve yet to see.”

That’s quite a statement from a developer of one of the more established franchises in the video game industry but it sounds like the sky will be the limit in terms of PS5 graphics. And this is just the beginning. Earlier we reported that the console is indeed well into development and should expect to utilize a technique called Ray Tracing. This bit of news came from Wired who interviewed Mark Cerny last month, the lead architect of the PlayStation 5. In that interview, Cerny stresses that the PlayStation 5 is no mere upgrade and that it has been in development for the past four years.

With E3 2019 on the horizon, we won’t be hearing from PlayStation as much since they have decided to skip out on the upcoming trade show but they will without a doubt have a strong presence with a lot of exclusives well on the way with the PlayStation 4. The system may be slowly sunsetting, but the PlayStation 5 appears ready to rise in its shadows, with quick load times, and amazing PS5 graphics.


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