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PS2 console now in your pocket


Using an amateur PS2 Slim board and a Raspberry Pi 2 circuit board, he revived the PS2 hardware in a handheld console. The games are running quite smoothly.

PS2 console now in your pocket

Today, while the new generations are talking about 4 times faster in the console world, the interest in the past is not over yet. For years, a Reddit user has been able to transfer PS2 hardware to a handheld console. And without the emulator.

What is PIS2?

The user named Darkwingmod started by buying the PS2 Slim console motherboard. The user truncated the motherboard into a handheld console and then used the Raspberry Pi 2 to obtain a PS2.

The system is connected to the screen via VGA and an SMB server is added over Ethernet and games can be downloaded from here. In a hidden memory card slot there is a card loaded with Free MCboot that runs unsigned games, while a memory card is inserted in the open slot.

Thanks to its battery, the PS2 handheld console, which can play games for 90 minutes, is said to offer close performance and smoothness to the desktop console. Of course, PS2 is a console in history, but with projects like PIS2, the old library is still alive. PIS2 is not just a project and sale, but it is admirable in terms of the effort spent.

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