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PS VR support coming to Minecraft at the end of the month

PS VR support coming to Minecraft at the end of the month

In a statement made by Minecraft’s developer Mojang, it was announced that the Minecraft PS VR version of the game will be available for free from the end of the month.

Minecraft PS VR version coming to the end of the month

Minecraft has released a blog on Mojang Playstation. In a blog post, the company noted that the update will be added to the game at the end of the month as a free patch. The studio mentioned that everyone who has a game on the PS4 will get this place, emphasizing that in order to enjoy virtual reality, players need to install PS VR.

The company said it would not differ between the Minecraft PS VR version and the regular version. But some interface changes emphasize that this will happen. In addition, Mozhang said that the game has two different modes, but he did not comment on the details.

On the other hand, the game, which has existed in our lives for more than 10 years, continues to raise its achievements. In 2014, Microsoft, which bought Mojang, announced that game sales exceeded 200 million on various platforms. The reason for this was undoubtedly the increase in consumption during the pandemic.

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