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Popular Twitch Publisher Ninja Announces Transition from Twitch to Mixer

Popular Twitch Publisher Ninja Announces Transition from Twitch to Mixer

Ninja, one of Twitch’s most popular publishers and even the winner, has made a move to move the stones in the publishing world and announced the permanent switch to Microsoft’s publishing platform, Mixer. After the announcement of Ninja, the display of the Mixer account has reached 120,000.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, one of the most popular broadcasters of Twitch, one of today’s popular live video broadcasting platforms, announced an official Twitter account. Ninja, who has released a video, announced that it will be broadcasting exclusively for the Windows platform Mixer.

With the help of Fortnite and Drake in the past few years, the shining star of the Ninja, said in a statement that the reason for this move is to go back to the roots, he said. The famous publisher, with 14.7 million followers, is expecting its followers to keep up with this change. Of course, Microsoft also hopes to say that.

This transition made by Ninja is one of the biggest moves in the publishing world. Twitch thousands of viewers simultaneously broadcasting the famous broadcaster, had broken the audience record on the platform. All followers and subscribers of the broadcaster will probably not go directly to the Mixer. In addition, the financial details of this special partnership with Ninja’s Mixer are not well known.

The first release of Ninja’s new home will take place on Friday, and for a limited time, fans will be able to receive free subscriptions that provide ad-free navigation. It is not yet clear how many of his followers will leave Twitch and go to the Mixer permanently, but his Mixer account has already reached 120,000 views.


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