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Pokemon Go will receive the biggest update

Pokemon Go will receive the biggest update

Although it was very popular for a while, like many things, Pokemon GO has lost its former popularity. Although this is the case, it is still among the most popular mobile games in the world. We announced last month that Android 5.0 Lollipop, iOS 10 and 11 users of the game, which has millions of active players, will not be able to play Pokemon GO. Now, Pokemon GO has come up with its biggest update.

Pokemon GO is here with its biggest update

You know that during the quarantine period, while millions of people were locked away at home, Pokemon GO developed a different strategy and made it possible to play from home. Now the game comes to gamers with a new big update.

As we move towards the last week of November, Pokemon GO players are facing a “big” update. With the update, the GO Beyond update level limit is increased to 50. At the same time, this update will introduce Pokemon in the Kalos region and bring the seasons into play with themed events.

The GO Beyond update will be released on the week of November 30th. The biggest change on the update side is that new pokemons appear more frequently to players.

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