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Phil Spencer, “Will new Bethesda games come to PlayStation?” answered the question


Phil Spencer left the door open to PlayStation regarding the future of Bethesda games. Spencer said that individual evaluations will be made for new games.

Phil Spencer, “Will new Bethesda games come to PlayStation?” answered the question

Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda / Zenimax for 7.5 billion dollars has created a bomb effect in the gaming industry today. Of course, one of the most curious issues of gamers after the giant purchase was the future of the new Bethesda games. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has now made some remarks on this issue.

Each game will be evaluated separately

Speaking to Bloomberg, Phil Spencer said that different evaluations will be made from game to game for the status of the new Bethesda productions on other consoles. Spencer seems to have left the door open to the PlayStation platform here. Microsoft may also want to release some Bethesda games for PlayStation to reach more players.

Phil Spencer also talked about Deathloop (Arkane) and Tokyo Ghostwire (Tango Softworks) games. Bethesda currently has time-to-PS-special deals with Sony for these two games. Spencer said that Bethesda’s current deals will remain unchanged. So Deathloop and Ghostwire will be released exclusively to PlayStation next year by Microsoft. We can say that it was an interesting situation.

Microsoft currently has 23 different game studios (Sony has 13 studios). Prior to the Bethesda acquisition, this number was 15. We know that new games such as Fable, Avowed, Hellblade 2, introduced by these 15 studios, will not come to PlayStation, but will only be released on PC and Xbox. It is unclear at the moment whether there would be a different situation for games released from Bethesda studios. However, Microsoft is likely to prioritize PC and Xbox at least for most Bethesda games.

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