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PES 2020, Juventus Licenses: No Juventus in FIFA 20

PES 2020, Juventus Licenses: No Juventus in FIFA 20

Known as the developer of the football game Pro Evolution Soccer, Konami made a deal with Juventus for the PES 2020 game. Italy’s Serie A’s largest football club, the name of the PES 2020, the club has made its own game.

Konami went on an agreement with Italy’s Serie A giant Juventus. Of course, this deal was slightly different from the recent agreement with Manchester United. Manchester United agreement with players in a different game mode is given as a result of this agreement will receive certain things from other players.

One of the biggest football clubs in Italy, Juventus’a Konami agreement, made Juventus PES 2020 special. Of course, this situation has brought many other football giant FIFA 20 in mind.

So, how will PES 2020 Juventus licensing affect FIFA?

FIFA 20 will not be able to use Juventus’ name, field, coat of arms or uniforms. FIFA will use Juventus under the name Piemonte Calcio and will integrate a different design into the game. Of course, it is worth mentioning that the club’s emblem is different.

When we come to players who are out of all these elements, we can say that there will be no change in the players. Let’s add that those who want to play Ronaldo can still find Ronaldo in FIFA, as well as all Juventus players can get in special modes like FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

With the licensing event of Juventus, time will tell whether a new license war has begun. In addition to this, it is also a matter of curiosity whether PES will be able to overcome FIFA with this move.

To remember, you can access the trailer of PES 2020 via the video below.

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