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Personal data of FIFA 20 players leaked


FIFA 20 is a data leak, which has been released with many errors and has gathered the reaction of the players. A lot of information has been leaked, including users’ email address and date of birth.

A new FIFA 20 problems have been added. Registration has started for EA Sports ‘FIFA 20 Gloal Series, a $ 3 million award-winning individual e-sports tournament, but players’ personal data has been leaked due to an error on the registration page.

In the doğrulama validate information ”field on the tournament registration page, the personal information of a different player is displayed. As we can see from the players’ sharing on Twitter, personal information of different players is visible to everyone.

This page shows the e-mail address, date of birth, country and ID of others. Although the problem does not seem to be serious since the password does not appear, it is possible to create a new password through this information by pressing Unutt Forgot Password e on many sites. This means that users who apply to the FIFA 20 Global Series are not secure in their e-mail address, social media accounts and more. This indicates a serious data breach. If you have an EA ID even if you have not applied to the Global Series, you may be affected by this data leak. It is useful to activate two-factor authentication in your EA account and social media accounts.

EA Sports shared a comment on Twitter. He stated that they were aware of the problem on the related page, closed the access to the page and would solve the problem in a short time. Due to the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act in our country, EA Sports needs to reach out to people who have been exposed to data leakage and report the situation. If not, KVKK will be fined by EA Sports.

Failed to resolve errors in the game

In addition to this, EA Sports still hasn’t solved the problems in FIFA 20. The game broke out with the old cast. The roster was renewed with the update released the other day, but other problems in the game continue. There are artificial intelligence errors in career mode. For example, teams come up with substitutes and score far from realism. Big teams are relegated. There is also a power balance problem between teams in Ultimate Team mode and gameplay issues in Volta mode.


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