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Pandemic process brought out a giant game company from Russia


Playrix, the company founded by brothers Igor and Dmitry in 2001, has become the second highest-earning company in the mobile world today. Their matching game attracts great attention.

Russian Playrix is the name behind addictive games like Homescapes and Gardenscapes; During the pandemic period, it increased its income and made its owners among the richest in the world.

Who is Playrix?

The foundations of the Playrix studio go back to 2001. Aiming to make money by selling software, Igor starts selling software packages online with his brother Dmitry. When the monthly income exceeds 10 thousand dollars, the brothers who started their commercial activities under the name of Playrix are in a continuous growth.

Playrix, with its headquarters in Ireland today, has developer offices in Russia and Europe. The company has a total army of 2500 people. During the pandemic period, the company, which made good use of people closing home, increased its income by 60 percent.

Playrix, which owns games like Gardenscapes, Homescapes, Township, has reached more than 1 billion downloads. Games with around 150 million active users broke a record in the first 8 months of the year.

During the pandemic period, companies started to cut their advertising budgets, which caused a decrease in advertising fees. Playrix made good use of this opportunity and intensified its advertising activities. A lot of users came to the games through advertisements.

It is stated that the company achieved an income of 1.75 billion dollars in the first 8 months of the year and increased 60 percent. During the peak period, the number of active users climbed to 180 million. The rest of the year is also very bright for the company.

With the success achieved, Playrix is ​​now in the second place in the mobile game world. The leap of the company, which ranked seventh last year, is remarkable. The founders of Playrix, who had a hard fight with Tencent in the mobile world, also doubled their fortunes.

The 38-year-old Igor and his 35-year-old brother Dmitry each have a net worth of $ 3.9 billion. It was around $ 2 billion last year. In this process, the duo bought important developer teams and expanded their staff. Although financial advisors are making recommendations for a major merger or stock exchange, Playrix wants to continue alone for now.

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