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Nintendo Switch has been renewed: Here are the details

Nintendo Switch has been renewed: Here are the details

If you intend to buy a Nintendo Switch right now, you should wait a while. Nintendo announced today the new Switch model, will have a much longer battery life.

Nintendo’s successful handheld Switch has been renewed. The Japanese game giant has finally formalized the long-awaited update today. The new Nintendo Switch will have a much longer battery life than the old version.

The new Switch model was announced today on Nintendo’s Twitter address. According to the new Switch, according to the game you’re playing 4.5 to 9 hours promises a lifetime. As you know, the old version had a battery life of 2.5 to 6.5 hours. So the new model will offer 2-3 hours extra use.

The new Switch will also come with an updated Tegra X1 processor. The increase in battery life is possible thanks to this new processor. Nintendo reported to the Federal Communications Commission last month that the Switch was being updated with a new processor and storage solution.

The new Switch does not have any exciting features other than an increase in battery life. Many Nintendo fans had hoped that a new Swith Pro could be announced, but unfortunately it didn’t happen.

New Switch with the code name HAC-001 (-01); It will be launched in late August in Japan and in September in Europe.


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