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Nintendo earns £ 1.5 million in hacking case

Nintendo earns £ 1.5 million in hacking case

Nintendo won £ 1.5 million in damages in a hack suit against a website that sells gadgets that enable pirated games on the Switch console. The site named Uberchips will destroy all of its stocks as part of the agreement concluded at the end of the lawsuit and transfer the naming rights to Nintendo.

Switch earned £ 1.5 million as a result of hacking case

Uberchips had been accused by Nintendo of selling software and hardware that allow users to download and play games for free. The tools sold by the site were made by Team-Xecuter, the hacker group Nintendo wanted to sue. The company targeted the site that sold the equipment after their attempts to block the hacker group failed.

According to the case, Team-Xecuter designed an unauthorized operating system called SX OS. It has been determined that the tools and chips in question work smoothly on all Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Lite consoles and play games on the console for free.

Ohio-based and Tom Dilts Jr. managed by Uberchips, is known as one of the few online stores that sell these vehicles. The site went offline by sending a message to its visitors saying “A series of unfortunate incidents happened” after the court case was concluded. In addition, the company canceled all pre-ordered SX OS products and offered a refund.

In June, Team-Xecuter spoke to hacker news site Torrent Freak, stating that Nintendo can repair their devices using the parts they produce. In addition, the group stated that the software can also be developed to produce open source codes.

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