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Nintendo announced the new Kirby game!

Nintendo announced the new Kirby game!

Nintendo has announced a new Kirby game for Switch consoles. The game, named Kirby Fighters 2, took its place in Nintendo’s digital store after its announcement.

Kirby Fighters 2 takes its place in the Nintendo store

We will be able to use 17 different abilities that we are familiar with from the Kirby series in the game, which has 3 different modes, local, online or multiplayer. On the other hand, we will meet a new talent named wrestler. In addition, the game will include other characters such as Waddle Dee, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Gooey and Magolor. Each of these characters will also have their own style of movement and gameplay.

The story mode of the game will focus on Meta Knight and King Dedede. Thus, the story mode will be playable with 2 people. In addition, the new Kirby game will support up to 4 people in local and online mode.

The production, which is a follower of the Kirby Fighter Deluxe game released for Nintendo 3DS in 2014, has been offered to game lovers at Nintendo’s digital store for $ 19.99. On the other hand, an exit video about the game was released on YouTube. You can find the video below.

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