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Ninja ‘Mixer’ Reaches 500,000 Subscribers

Ninja ‘Mixer’ Reaches 500,000 Subscribers

Ninja has announced 500.00 subscribers who recently announced that they quit Twitch with unexpected news and that they will broadcast on Mixer from now on. In this way, his followers showed that he would follow the Ninja regardless of the platform. Ninja celebrated 500.00 subscribers with a cake.

Although the ninja changed platform recently, it has already reached 500,000 subscribers. We have seen that the Microsoft Mixer platform really needs a publisher like Ninja. There were rumors that Microsoft’s new Xbox Project Scarlett console will be advertised through the Ninja. We don’t know if the rumors are true, but we can easily say that this kind of PR work will help Microsoft.

Born on June 5, 1991, Richard Tyler Blevins, the so-called Ninja, recently made his first broadcast on the Mixer and reached an average number of 80,000 viewers in the Fortnite broadcast, above the Twitch average.


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