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“News” service other than playing games from Steam

“News” service other than playing games from Steam

With the games it offers, Steam appeals to many gamers: Game News. This service, called the Steam News Service, allows you to read game news as well as play or purchase games from Steam.

Steam News Service is currently being tested

Steam has brought a major update to the News Service feature. Steam, which plans to bring the specially prepared news list to gamers, mentioned details about the service in its article. As far as this article reveals, the game news that will appear before users will not be so commonplace. Because there will be news from both the first sources and the news from the best sites will appear before users.

The service in question will serve in 7 languages and will be presented to users free of charge. The list of news and sources can be customized (like feedly). In addition to articles and images, users will be able to view videos and other media directly in Steam center. The great thing about this service is that it offers a customizable experience.

Steam summarizes its service as follows:

Until now, Steam News Center has been a place where you can only see updates and announcements from the developers of the games you have played, followed or added to your wish list. With this update, you will now have a much larger pool of news sources to choose from. You can add as many additional sources as you want to the News Center for you. And all for free.

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