New update to GTA 5 infuriated those waiting for GTA 6


Rockstar Games ‘ announcement of a new and very large update for GTA 5 Online has infuriated fans who are waiting for GTA 6. GTA fans, who almost showered social media with posts along with the statements, criticized Rockstar Games with some of the shares they made.

GTA 5, one of the most popular video games in the world, has never lost popularity since 2013. Even today, the open world game with playable graphics has managed to connect players to itself with its online playability. But exactly 7 years have passed since 2013, and the game is now obsolete, although it is trying to keep it afloat with new updates. Rockstar Games, on the other hand, said that another special version of GTA 5 will come for the PlayStation 5. It seems that Rockstar Games has carried the patience of players to maintain this attitude.

Rockstar Games is currently working on a new update for GTA 5 Online. Even when the company said that this update would be the largest to date, many of the players thought that this update could be intended for GTA 6. But a video shared yesterday and statements revealed that the upcoming update will enlarge the map of GTA 5. After Rockstar’s last share, many game lovers began to react to Rockstar. Social media has been inundated with shares aimed at Rockstar Games for several hours.

New update to GTA 5 infuriated those waiting for GTA 6

Strict fans of the GTA series keep wondering when the new game will be released. Although the company has so far made no statement about the new game, it has managed to confuse players. But despite all this, the fact that we are still empty-handed has led to a point that is no longer bearable. So, what do strict GTA fans think about GTA 6, which we can’t meet?

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“GTA 6 will be announced when this construction is finished”

In the fictional city of Los Santos, where GTA 5 passes, there is a structure, the construction of which has been ongoing since 2013. One player says GTA 6 will only be announced once that construction is complete. But this building has not gone a step further since 2013. If you’ve already passed through the area, you’ve definitely seen the construction Masters wandering around…

“I was excited to see the GTA 6 Enter the trends… When I look at the details, I see that this is a GTA 5 update…”

“When GTA 5 came out, Obama was running the United States”

One GTA fan says he was a 13-year-old when GTA 5 came out, he’s grown up now but there’s been no improvement on the Rockstar Games front. A GTA fan who is very resentful of the event says that Barack Obama led the United States in those years, everything has changed. Is he right? We think he’s absolutely right…

“Let GTA 5 Rest, man”

Another Twitter user shared the image you saw above, showing what Rockstar Games is actually doing in the most accurate way. 7 years have passed since the game came out, GTA 5’ın now retired GTA fan who says that he now wants a new game voicing.

“When GTA 6 comes out I”

Another GTA fan, who shows his reaction to Rockstar Games in a rather amusing way, says a lot with the image above. This is also a justified approach, because if Rockstar Games continues at this rate, we will wait for GTA 6 for another decade or so…

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