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New Saints Row will be announced in 2020


The fifth Saints Row game can be announced for next-generation consoles.

The most current game of Saints Row was released in 2013. Since that year, this series has remained silent. THQ Nordic, the latest distributor of this video game series, made a statement in August 2019 and stated that a new series game was developed. Today, Koch Media, which is on top of THQ Nordic, announced that the new game of the series is under development and the new game will be announced in 2020.

New Saints Row will be announced in 2020

Will the new Saints Row game come for next-generation consoles?

According to Klemens Kundratitz, the CEO of Koch Media, he loves this series of games very much, which is why he doesn’t want to confront the players without anything to show. Klemens Kundratitz says that his games will be shown in 2020 at this point. He said that this new game is coming soon and will be a very nice project. At this point, we have nothing but waiting for the game.

This work, which we know is in the process of being developed for a while, will be announced in the year 2020, with the possibility of launching for the next generation consoles. This is in fact a familiar situation; Saints Row IV appeared before the year the current generation of consoles was released. This game; The PC was released for the current generation of consoles and the consoles of the last generation. Now the bear situation seems to be the case for the current generation consoles and the new generation consoles.

  1. Yesterdays_Cheese says:

    So the ‘news’ is that there will be news in a few months time.

    .. good to know….

  2. Rukia2030 says:

    Yes bitch

  3. boxanata says:

    I hope they return to their roots & develop something as great as SRII, & not some superhero crap like SRIV.

  4. zebrahdh says:

    Best pre announcement announcement of 2019?

    That’s what people were expecting since 2018.

  5. Kangarou says:

    I’m hoping it’s closer to SR3, but I never played 2, so I can’t say which was better. But I think we all agree that 4 went too far.


  6. ObserverStatus878 says:

    I was disappointed when the Earth got undestroyed in the DLC. I wanted the Saints to be space pirates in a game about stealing space ships in Saints Row 5.

  7. PathlessDemon says:

    In dark times like these, my soul needed this.

  8. Jonestown_Juice says:

    No thanks. This series got too zany and weird.

  9. Simple_Dustin says:

    Unpopular upinion: I honestly didn’t like any of them after Saints Row 2

  10. doloranger says:

    Hopefully it’s more like SR2

  11. A_N_T says:

    Well if it’s 2019 and we know about a new Saints Row game, hasn’t it technically already been announced?

  12. Cisqoe says:

    We’re announcing that it’ll be announced, so then.. it’s announced. Neat announcement.

  13. malfarcar says:

    Think I’ll be getting cyberpunk instead after the last saints row🤮

  14. LaughCatalyst says:

    I hope it’s not sainsts row 3 again, great game but we’ve already got 2 of them

  15. AKRamirez says:

    Was I not supposed to know yet?

  16. its_not_evan says:

    Perfect opportunity to make saints row 3

  17. ProfessorReeves says:

    It’ll only be accepted if it’s more like the first and the second. It’s like they got scared of stepping on Rockstar’s toes and just gave the formula to the greased-up deaf guy.

  18. NiemandHudson says:

    I hope that they’ll retcon 4

  19. LoliHentaiPlease says:

    saints row is like gta on crack Love beating the shit out of people with a 20 foot dildo

  20. DerekAnderson4EVA says:

    I really enjoyed agents of mayhem. It was like a Saturday morning cartoon hero shooter. I hope they keep the presentation and the abilities of that game and revert back to saints row 2 era stories.

  21. amonson1984 says:

    I’d be very happy to go back to the “basics” ala Saints Row II if it has an awesome detailed map and great next gen graphics. Super excited for whatever this turns out to be though.

  22. DeepInTheCheeks says:

    Hopefully it returns with a story more similar to Saints Row 1 and 2. After the first one came out I was surely convinced we had a game that couple compete with GTA (eventually). Then Saints Row 3 got announced…

  23. starcrap2 says:

    Eh, maybe there’s an audience for this, but I feel like this franchise is done. SR3 was fun, but IV was just way too over the top for me. There might always be an appetite for crime sandbox games, but unless they tone it down a bit and bring it back to how it was in 2 or 3, I won’t be playing this.

  24. qwilly11 says:

    So does anyone remember the victorious episode where they’re waiting for the announcement that there will be an announcement announcing on what day the new pear phone will be announced?

    Yeah, that’s this.

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