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New information leaked about GTA 6

New information leaked about GTA 6

GTA 6 came up again with news of leaks. A Reddit user who claims to be working at Rockstar Games announced new information about GTA 6. The big map will be two big cities of the game, the city names were shared. One of the cities, Carcer City is claimed to be very large and will disappear within the players.

New information about GTA 6 continues to come

GTA 6 is one of the games that the game lovers have been waiting for. Now, Reddit, Rockstar Games, Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 6’nin software test by someone who claims to have been shared. A lot of information about the game was shared by Reddit moderators. If the information is correct, it will be worth what players expect. Because there will be a big game map and more kinship relations between characters and characters.

Rockstar Games didn’t share anything about its new game, while the end is expected to be announced in the coming year. The company, which gained huge momentum with GTA 5, continued its success with Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar Games, which wants to increase its success with GTA 6, continues to work hard for the game.

Reddit sharing, the map details of the game was first mentioned. It was claimed that there will be 3 regions together with 2 big cities. One of the cities will be named “Vice City” and the other is “Carcer City”. Vice City will take on Miami and Carcer City as Boston.

The game map is very large after the sharing. So much so that players in the metropolis Carcer City will disappear very easily. In-game time passed in the city more claiming the owner of the claim, said that the historical details of the United States took place in the game. He also mentioned that there are many attractive details on the city map.

Different weather scenarios will be experienced in the game with the size. For example, in one of the cities it will rain, while in the other the weather will be a daily sunshade. This will make the virtual world more appreciated.

GTA 6 characters

With the appreciation of the character richness that comes with GTA 5, Rockstar Games will implement the same system for GTA 6. It is also said that two of the characters that can be selected can be brothers. It is claimed that one of the characters may be a secret police, although this is unlikely.

In-game stories of the company’s hands, players will not be able to do the task. This will give you a free experience in the game. Red Dead Redemption 2’da Rockstar Games because of the intense complaints from players due to tasks, aims to win the appreciation of players by changing the system.

Although the information in Reddit is a claim, it seems to excite the players. With the news of GTA 6 leakage, the curiosity of those waiting for the game is increasing.

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