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New game map for PUBG Mobile is introduced!

New game map for PUBG Mobile is introduced!

For PUBG Mobile, a new mode map called The Ancient Secret was recently announced. Apparently, this game mode contains some mysterious details. However, for the game mode, the Library Map appeared, as well as the library map. PUBG Mobile Library Map Parts:

After he appeared on the video in early August, The Ancient Secret attracted attention and excited fans of the game. Library Map, released for a new game mode that sends pyramids, contains the same mystery.

PUBG Mobile offers players completely new gaming events, special prizes and another universe. The game is called Team Gun with a new map.

With this new game mode available to some users, you can see and play the Ancient Secret building on Miramar and Erangel maps. When he enters a two-story pyramid of huge size, he encounters mysterious details.

The game also becomes even more fun, with personal lobby expressions, personal testimony, puzzles and mini-games.

Team Gun is available on the first internal PUBG Mobile card. Arena mode offers 4 games to 4 with initial weapons. While players hunt their competitors, their weapons are gradually growing, as is the Death Match in CS: GO. Team Gun is available for players from Friday to Sunday.

With PUBG Mobile Library Map, players move to another universe. The update is called “All players will be available soon.”

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