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New details about Cyberpunk 2077 revealed!

New details about Cyberpunk 2077 revealed!

New details about Cyberpunk 2077 have emerged. The game will be available on shelves and in digital stores on December 10, and new details are available shortly before its release. Tom Marks, who works at IGN, played the game for about 16 hours and recently shared the details with the players.

Those waiting for action in Cyberpunk 2077 may not find what they’re looking for

According to Tom’s statements, the game opens after 6 hours. Tom says the game offers the freedom to leave you in Night City in 6 hours and do whatever you want. He also said that during his time playing, he avoided conflicts and hacked enemies with Netrunner features in a building he entered, and quietly lowered enemies from behind the wall with a special weapon and continued on his way, and never once faced enemies.

Also, the game does not force you to clash. If you want to go quietly, rather than quietly or in conflict, we are told that we can solve the problem by talking to NPCs. It was a Freedom expected from the game of RYO. Tom also stressed that the feeling of batting is poor, and naturally in RYO games, the feeling of batting is never the first priority. In the posted gameplay videos, you can easily see how the shot feels, it’s up to you to decide. Tom added that while he was playing the game, he preferred to drive in Night City with a motor and car than engage in conflict.

All this aside, physical versions of the game have been distributed to stores around the world, and some images of boxed versions of the game are shared by users via Reddit. Boxed versions of the game will accommodate 2 discs, which can also be seen from the phrase on the right side. Reddit user Justgonnasendit90 shared the image, saying: “We’re almost there guys. I was actually holding the game in my hands,” he said.

Another Reddit user, DavijoMan, said:” My Store received a display product with instructions to remove it on December 10. ” DavijoMan also pointed out the balloons.

Also on Reddit, another user shared the interactive site of the game’s map so you can get a detailed look at the game’s map. The map looks small. A vertical magnitude may be involved. We were told that we would enter many buildings without loading screens. Although it may seem small, it looks like it will come across as a detailed and large map at its core.

You can click here to go to the Night City Map site.

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