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New agent coming to Valorant: trailer released

New agent coming to Valorant: trailer released

Valorant, one of the FPS games that left its mark on this year, details upcoming updates. The game, which is currently in the second season, is about to complete this process. Preparing to appear with its third season, Valorant has been busy with the game agenda for a while with rumors about the new agent. Finally an official trailer from Riot Games has arrived.

Valorant released new agent trailer

It is a known detail that new maps and weapons will be added to the game, which is preparing to move to the third stage. Last week, we learned about the map and some minor details that will come to the game. Now we are faced with the official introduction of the upcoming agent. We see the talents of the agent in the published trailer. Apparently, the Skye agent is a character intertwined with animals.

The two-minute video gives us enough information about the agent. Skye can blind the actors, as the Phoenix character can. The association of the characters in the game on animals is a very nice detail. As with any agent, of course, Skye will have a story; If we look at his abilities in the trailer, we can describe this character as “stilan”.

With the start of the third stage of the game, we will enter a new era. Riot Games is sharing details about the third season every day. We will keep you informed of the developments that will take place in the coming days.

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