Netflix Games is now available worldwide: Here is Netflix Games with all the details

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Netflix’s new venture, Netflix Games, which has been in the testing phase for a while, is now available worldwide with 5 different games. Here are all the details.

As you know, Netflix, one of the most popular video streaming services in the world, announced that it will enter the game world in the past months and then opened the first games to access in certain countries. Now, Netflix is ​​officially available in many countries under the name Netflix Games.

Starting today, anyone with an Android phone and a Netflix subscription can play the first 5 games on Netflix. The first Netflix games to be available are as follows:

  • Stranger Things 1984
  • Stranger Things 3: The Game
  • Shooting Hoops
  • Card Blast
  • Teeter Up

Netflix also announced that they will improve this experience and add new games in the future, apart from the 5 games that are currently open to access. Below you can find the answer to all the curiosities about Netflix Games.

What is Netflix Games? All Information About Netflix Games!

Access to All Games Under Your Netflix Membership

A Netflix subscription is all you need to play our games. No ads, extra fees, or in-app purchases.

On Android Devices All Over the World

You can find our mobile games on Android devices right now. When logged into the Netflix account and logged into the profile:

  • Members using Android mobile phones will see a separate game line and tab where they can choose the games to download.
  • Members using Android tablets will see a separate game line or will be able to download and play the games from the Categories menu.
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Open to Players Around the World

We will offer our mobile games in many languages ​​we serve. The default language of your games will automatically match the preference you set in your Netflix profile. If your preferred language is not yet available, the default language of the games will be English.

Yes, All Profiles in Your Account Will Be Playable

Members will be able to play games from multiple mobile devices with the same account. In case you exceed the device limit, we’ll notify you so you can log out of unused devices or disable them remotely via so you can play on a new device if needed.

Adults Only

We know how important child safety is to parents, caregivers, and guardians. For this reason, these games will not be found in children’s profiles. If you set a PIN to prevent children from accessing adult profiles, the same PIN will be required to log into Netflix and play games on a device.

No Internet? No problem!

You can play our games offline! Only some of them may require an internet connection. Thus, you will not be bored on long trips and in areas with weak WiFi connections!

We cater to all types of players

Just like our TV series, movies, and stand-up shows, we want to design games that appeal to all levels and all types of players. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, games are waiting for you to enjoy!

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