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Netflix doing the film “Beyond Good & Evil”

Netflix doing the film “Beyond Good & Evil”

There may be a lot of love between Netflix and the French gaming giant Ubisoft. Because the publishing giant began to work on releasing almost all Ubisoft games in the form of TV shows or cartoons.

After Splinter Cell, Netflix announced that Bayond Good & Evil is also pumping hands. Thus, Ubisoft’s favorite game will be filmed by director Rob Letterman.

Netflix writes screenplay for Beyond Good & Evil movie

The choice of actors for the film has not yet been made.

Ubisoft Film & Television is also part of Ubisoft Film & Television. Jason Altman and Margaret Boykin will be producers of Beyond Good & Evil.

Beyond Good & Evil was released in 2003 and became widely known as a “space/piracy” story, telling about the events that occurred after the alien attack on Earth in 2435.

Is it possible that Netflix and Ubisoft are the political foot of the latest business? In the United States, Netflix, who opposed Trump, is not perceived as a strange rapprochement with France. The Ubisoft library has a large number of important games that are suitable for creating films and TV shows. Netflix is expected to focus on working with Ubisoft as if it had found a gold mine to evaluate these games.

Do you think that Beyond’s film Good & Evil can collect as many likes as in a video game? Or could the game turn into a move to the right like a new Star Wars/Star Trek universe?

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