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Minecraft: Dungeons released a gameplay video blog


Phil Spencer made some very interesting explanations about the Minecraft brand, which came to a better place thanks to Microsoft.

Minecraft: Dungeons, which will be released in 2020, is officially released by Mojang. The new gameplay video released on YouTube is based on a day and plenty of gameplay. You can watch the aforementioned gameplay and daily video, sir, if you wish.

Minecraft: Dungeons released a gameplay video blog

Minecraft: Dungeons is not the only video game we’re talking about

In addition, a new discount campaign was launched within the Minecraft game. This campaign is called Season of Giving and will run until January 2, 2020. By this date, maps, views and many other categories of items in the Minecraft Marketplace will be available for sale. In addition, players will receive 1 free map during this process.

Of course, the only innovation we have about Minecraft was not a discount; Through YouTube, NVIDIA has released an introductory video for this game, showing NVIDIA GeForce RTX features. This introductory video shows the sections made by the players. These new graphics features will be officially added to Minecraft in 2020 by NVIDIA.

Before ending our news, we want to talk about the Microsoft front, which is the owner of the Minecraft brand. As you may remember, since the introduction of the Xbox One console, Microsoft had lost a lot of value over the Xbox brand, and you could feel that the company’s thinking about the game brand was falling more and more every day. At this point, the current brand name of the Xbox brand, Phil Spencer came and gave some recommendations to Microsoft company. Following these suggestions, he became the head of the brand.

If you don’t know, we would like to say: The idea of ​​the Minecraft game, the idea of ​​the Xbox One X console, the establishment of the Xbox Game Studios brand and the acquisition of new studios under the roof of this brand, opening the studios from scratch were the ideas given by Phil Spencer. When Phil Spencer first purchased Minecraft, he was given some suggestions from within Microsoft, which suggested that the game should be withdrawn from every console, including PlayStation. Phil Spencer refused.


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