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Minecraft Continues to Grow

Minecraft Continues to Grow

We’ve been seeing Minecraft news lately. Because Microsoft and Nvidia are working together to bring ‘ray tracing’ support to the game, and a new augmented reality game called Minecraft Earth is being tested in various locations. In addition, the original Minecraft game continues to grow at full speed.

According to Business Insider, Minecraft’s monthly number of players exceeds 112 million. This is a tremendous number that surpasses all other games.

In a telephone interview this week, Helen Chiang, chief executive of the Minecraft studio, said the number of users per month exceeds 112 million. “Minecraft continues to grow in the five years after the acquisition.” he said.

Since Minecraft is a game that can be played on almost any platform, it is not surprising that it continues to grow. However, the fact that players can create content and even chapters and tasks within the game seems to be the main reason behind this success.

Continuing to develop continuously, the game will continue to succeed in the coming years and is likely to reach a much higher number of players.

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