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Microsoft To Start Deleting Inactive Xbox Accounts

Microsoft To Start Deleting Inactive Xbox Accounts

As you might imagine, there are rather a lot of Xbox accounts that have been created since it launched in 2002. To date, however, Microsoft has remained rather lenient in keeping those account still on their system. Even when they haven’t been accessed for years.

In a report via PCGamesN, however, Microsoft is set to apply a tougher stance as they plan to start deleting accounts that have not accessed for 2 years. As you might expect though, it is a bit more complicated than that.

Microsoft To Start Pruning Xbox Accounts

Now, before you start panicking about letting your Xbox One gather dust, this isn’t a wholescale policy. If you have purchases associated with the account, you’re (probably) always going to be safe. In addition, if you’ve ever conducted any transactions on it or have an active balance, that too will be ok. Both of these would, however, likely exclude purchases such as Xbox Live subscriptions due to their expiration.

What Microsoft is essentially trying to do here is to delete accounts that were created and practically never used since. Think of someone who bought an Xbox 360, set-up an account just to go online, and hasn’t touched it since. These are the accounts most in danger of deletion.

Some In-House Cleaning

In fairness, Microsoft has had a very relaxed policy in regards to older accounts and, as such, after such a long amount of time a little pruning is probably not only sensible but probably needed.

If you do, therefore, have an older account, one that you hardly used or one you’ve been neglected, it might be a good idea just to do a quick sign in if you want to keep that account name!

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