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Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse Returns as a Player Mouse


Microsoft released its old IntelliMouse Explorer mouse in 2017, and now the company is pushing its mouse a step further with its Pro IntelliMouse version, creating a player mouse.

The new future model has the same design as the classic IntelliMouse, but on the same design, improvements have been made to the game. Microsoft has developed the mouse sensor and key reactions according to the 2017 model and added a textured coating along with the braided cable.

When all of this is considered, the keys will make you feel more responsive when playing games with Pro IntelliMouse. Microsoft will also allow you to change the color of the mouse’s tail light. The mouse sensor, 16. You will be able to support your DPI settings and macro settings with an application that Microsoft will support up to 000 DPI. Black and white versions of the mouse is expected to be released.

Microsoft’s Pro IntelliMouse version first appeared in China last year and is now heading towards US stores. The classic IntelliMouse is available for $ 39.99 and the new Pro IntelliMouse will be available at $ 59.99 later this month.

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1 year ago

İlk microsoft intelli 1.1 di kullandım ve dönemin de Or bulunuyordu Xantares bile gameekstradaki turnuvalarbda dahil 6 sene kullanmıştır yenisini kısmet olursa alıcam

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