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Mafia Definitive Edition Review Scores Published

Mafia Definitive Edition Review Scores Published

Mafia Definitive Edition review scores, which are curious by the fans of the series, have been published.

After a long wait, the Mafia Definitive Edition has finally officially launched. The game, which appeared as the Remake version of Mafia 1, which was put on the market in 2002, manages to come to the fore with its solid story and completely renewed graphics. After the game was released, the highly anticipated Mafia Definitive Edition review scores were also published.

When we look at the review scores that have started to be published, we see that many publishers give the said production between 80 and 90 points. The production, which managed to get a total of 78 points on Metacritic, also managed to get a high score from the previous Definitive Edition versions of the series. If you wish, let us leave you with the review scores of the game, which was published recently, without further ado.

Mafia Definitive Edition Review Points:

  • PC Games: 90/100
  • Windows Central: 90/100
  • Destructoid: 90/100
  • GameWatcher: 90/100
  • GamingTrend: 90/100
  • XGN: 90/100
  • GameStar: 88/100
  • Millenium: 85/100
  • JeuxActu: 85/100 
  • IGN Italia: 82/100
  • GAMINGbible: 80/100
  • IGN: 80/100
  • DualShockers: 80/100
  • PC Gamer: 79/100
  • Screen Rant: 70/100
  • GameSpot: 60/100
  • The Gamer: 60/100

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