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Logitech G Playmaster for success in CS: GO!

Logitech G Playmaster for success in CS: GO!

The game is passion. When this happens, software designed for games is also important for those who feel this passion. You know that the Logitech G series has a lot of game equipment. Now with Logitech G Playmaster software you can be more successful on Counter-Strike, which you aspire to. The first game supported by the software is becoming a popular multiplayer game CS: GO.

Logitech G Playmaster software promises success in CS

Logitech G has announced a new e-sports training program for Playmaster, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, designed to help you improve your skills and implement certain methods, such as tracking, moving and shooting players.

CS: In this system, in which special maps and GO levels are created, players can evaluate existing skill levels and learn and improve these skills.

Software development was carried out in conjunction with the Lero Esports Research Laboratory at the University of Limerick. Logitech de Playmaster uses the phrase “Science is supported.”

How is it working?

First, Playmaster is defined as a skill-based software program designed to teach players how to improve their performance in their favorite games.

This software detects the strengths and weaknesses of the player and offers orientations so that each player is much more successful. For a basic test that lasts 30 minutes, you must go to the PLAYMASTER.GG web page. If this is the first game that supports software, then, as we said, CS: GO. In the process, it is planned to increase the number of games.

After half an hour of testing, Playmaster offers a special personalized offering to improve detection skills, engagement, gun pullback and more. We can connect those who want to try software that is now in beta and available for free.

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