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Libertadores Cup comes to FIFA 20


A new update will be added to the FIFA 20 game at the latest in March 2020.

For a few weeks, there were some rumors that appeared about the Libertadores Cup. According to these rumors, the Libertadores Cup would be added to the FIFA 20 game. In particular, at a recent press event for the Libertadores Cup, the EA company’s logo appeared to inspire these rumors. 24 hours after the event, EA announced the trophy for the game. The Libertadores Cup will be added to the game in 2020.

Libertadores Cup comes to FIFA 20

FIFA 20 will feature a Libertadores Cup license

The Libertadores Cup, one of the largest tournaments in the South American region, will be added to this video game as we said in 2020, and players will not have to pay extra to access this content; Libertadores Cup will be added to the game with a free update. Of course, smaller tournaments such as the Sudamericana Cup and the Recopa Cup will take their place; players will not only face the largest tournament in the region.

This update will add teams from South America, including River Plate, Boca Juniors, Flamengo, Corinthians, Racing, Indepentiente U. Católica and Colo-Colo; The FIFA Ultimate Team will be available in Career Mode, Kick-Off and CONMEBOL Libertadores Tournament Mode. According to the EA’s announcement, this update will be available to players in March 2020, but the EA may surprise and update it in January 2020 or February 2020.


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