Leak Showing Rockstar Games Developed GTA 6 with Slogan ‘Target 2023’

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There has been a new development with GTA 6, which is indispensable for the pool of claims. GTA 6 will be released in October 2023, according to a post shared on the forum 4chan and removed within hours. The source argues that a single character and story in the game will also be the best among those to date.

There has been a remarkable development regarding Rockstar Games’ GTA 6, which is believed to have been working on it for at least several years. One Reddit user announced that they were sharing from an account on 4chan, a controversial platform, and that there were new developments regarding the eagerly awaited game. If these claims are true, we can say that Rockstar Games has the principle of “Target 2023” for GTA 6.

There’s something remarkable about the allegations shared on Reddit. The original owner of the allegations, sharing on 4chan, was removed before it could stop on the platform for even a few hours. While it is not known why such a thing happened, it is not escaped attention that the allegations touch on many details about GTA 6. If you wish, let’s take an overview of those allegations immediately.

GTA 6 will allegedly have the best story ever

Leak Showing Rockstar Games Developed GTA 6 with Slogan Target 2023
Leak Showing Rockstar Games Developed GTA 6 with Slogan ‘Target 2023’

According to the shared post, GTA 6 will pass in the late 70s. There will also be only one playable character, codenamed Ricardo, which has been mentioned in recent years. According to the source, the map of the game will be slightly smaller this time. According to user 4chan, the GTA 6 map is designed to cover Miami and will look like Guarma in Red Dead Redemption 2 in general. However, even though the map is small, the story of the game will offer 60 hours of gameplay.

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That’s not what the source told me about the story of GTA 6. According to the leaker, the story of GTA 6 will be the best to date. However, it seems that this story was created in a way that was more of a logic. The source notes that the story of Red Dead Redemption 2 is much more emotional than GTA 6. Meanwhile, side quests to be presented with the missions in the story will make the player feel free.

The post on 4chan also repeats what we know to date. These may be things that have been done to get more attention from the post. However, there is another point that the source mentions. And this is the release date of the game that we’ve all been looking forward to. According to the source, Rockstar Games envisions October 2023 for GTA 6. However, it can be understood that this is a planning for the moment. In other words, if the allegations are true, changes may also occur on the release date.

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