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League of Legends Clash Mode Continues to Be Updated


It’s been a while since League of Legends’ tournament style Clash mode has been released, but the Clash mode is still up to date. Riot Games, in a release of how Clash mode is developed, as well as updates on the development of the mode, announced in a publication. Riot Games, who think that the developed mode is not yet good enough, said that the work was continuing to give the right the mode and the update was postponed once again.

Riot Games shared the news in an article describing the changes that developers made in the game and what the Clash mode would look like in the future. Clash mode was originally released in certain regions in March. Players could experience Clash mode, but many players had trouble getting into this mode. That’s why Riot Games, which is more on the updates, is delaying the opening of the mode to all regions.

Riot Games, “While we are making some changes to the Clash mode, we keep regional tests to avoid additional updates. Our goal is to provide Clash mode with an exciting competitive experience as we have promised, alleviate server load, and maintain a tournament format.”

Underlining some of the planned changes, Riot talks about improvements such as shortening game times, recovering lost points due to disconnection.

Riot will test repeatedly to publish the update and expect to make sure that we have the same performance in all regions. Assuming everything goes smoothly, Clash mode update may come in summer.

  1. Canovic says:

    Dota chess den özenilip yapıldı tıpkı dota2 den çalınmış lol gibi 🙂

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