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Japanese Police Capture a Man Threatening to Burn Square Enix


After a man recently set fire to the Kyoto animation studio and killed 35 people in Japan, a man threatened to set fire to Square Enix in the forums. Japanese police caught him as a result of his research.

In a painful event in Japan in recent weeks, a man who set fire to a Kyoto animation studio building killed 35 people. This incident had deeply injured Japan.

A man who lost his mobile game and asked for his money back, wrote a note in the feedback form that the Kyoto case would happen again if he didn’t get his money back.

Japanese Police Capture a Man Threatening to Burn Square Enix

The police reacted quickly to this movement and caught the man he found from the user name in the mobile game. In his first interrogation, he said that he had written something like this because he lost it in the game and that he had no intention of realizing his threats. Police searched the suspect’s home and found nothing related to arson.

Death threats have become a part of the business in the gaming industry and even in almost every sector that works on the internet. The aggressive and aggressive language used by everyone, the threats made by relying on the anonymity of the internet and the messages of intimidation emerge frequently. Last March, a nursing home employee was taken into custody after Square Enix sent messages saying he would kill all his employees.

Square Enix hasn’t made a statement on the subject yet. The company continues to remain silent.

Bomb threats to Infinity Ward have also been raised recently. As long as there is no consequence of such threats and sanctions are not imposed on those who threaten, the process seems to continue.


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