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Is RAW Really Cheater? (Update)

Is RAW Really Cheater? (Update)

RAW, the most ambitious open-world game of all time, seemed to break things up if it was released somehow. Developed by Killerwhale Games, the game was inspired by the Arma Life, Rust and GTA series. In the game where players could have their own small town, you could be the mayor of your town. In addition, real estate agents, gas station owners, managers, cleaners, such as real-life professions you can get all the profession, you will also encounter specific gameplay mechanics.

The game had received over a million views on its trailer in Kickstarter, and had already collected $ 193,000. Donors also thought that RAW was the biggest open-world project ever. RAW promised players a very detailed experience, from city building to taxation, even parking fees.

Unfortunately, Kickstarter stopped the game on suspicion of receiving donations. The reason for this was clear. Killerwhale Games, which claims to have developed its first game yet, is actually a fraud.

Then a description was put on the page by the producers for the game. As you can imagine, the filmmakers did not accept the claims. The developers said that they did not understand what was happening and that they had not received any warnings from Kickstarter and that their campaigns were stopped without any realistic reason.

It is not yet known whether the production company, which makes unrealistic promises, is a fraud. But the producers also say they will continue their work at full speed. Even and even the developers of RAW have stated that they will prove themselves with a new gameplay video in a day or two.

You can find the Kickstarter page of the game here.

Kickstarter came up with a statement on the subject:

In accordance with our rules and guidelines, we ask project owners to complete their projects after collecting their money. In a release of this game developers stated that they will need additional donations outside Kickstarter to complete the game. We want projects to be honest and clear, and this project does not meet our standards.


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