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Is Mass Effect coming back? Here’s the surprise tweet

Is Mass Effect coming back? Here’s the surprise tweet

The successful RPG game Mass Effect series, which was badly beaten by Bioware, is preparing for a big surprise due to the “World Mass Effect Day” on November 7.

Mass Effect, a game whose value was not well understood due to the fact that the world was not yet ready for very advanced video games in the years of its release, may be returning.

Mass Effect come back edition

Bioware has signaled that it will make a big announcement on the 7th of November every year for the “World Mass Effect Day” that the game celebrates for fans.

Fans of the game expect the Mass Effect trilogy to be re-released as “remastered”, updated with modern graphics and advanced game technologies.

Mass Effect actually has as deep a story as Star Wars and a very detailed game universe. Bioware had an important experience from the legendary Knight of the Old Republic RPG series for Star Wars. With this experience, Mass Effect was born as a result of his effort to create a world of his own. The game works that started in 2005 ended with Mass Effect Andromeda, the fourth and surprising final part of the game in 2017.

Video game lovers have long been pressuring Bioware to create a new game in the Mass Effect world. Mass Effect, which is a very detailed and impressive science fiction world, was also one of the first games that we will see in games such as Cyberpunk 2077.

It had graphics and sound quality beyond the game time. With the success of the voice actors and the gripping conflict episodes, Mass Effect had acquired an intense fanatic base between 2007 and 2017.

So, what do you think the surprise implied in the tweet shared by the Mass Effect producer?

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