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In collaboration with Epic Games and Marvel, Venom comes to Fortnite


With the announcement made by Epic Games, Venom is coming to the Fortnite game. If you are a Fortnite player who admires the character, our news will please you.

In collaboration with Epic Games and Marvel, Venom comes to Fortnite

Another guest from the Marvel universe comes to the game world. According to the new share, Venom is coming to the Fortnite game. However, the main villain will be after the harvest this time. Details are in our news.

For Fortnite, which has a huge popularity around the world, Epic Games continues to keep the interest in the Battle Royale game warm with the innovations it offers to the players in each new season and the agreements it has made with other publishers. In the past, we had quite exciting moments with the DC and Star Wars universes as well as the deals made for John Wick. Along with these, many deals have been made with Marvel in the past. For example, in one of these, beloved superheroes were included in the Fortnite universe with the Center Clash event.

Venom to be Guest of Fortnite Game

The one million dollar Super Series finale will soon be held, but prior to that, Epic Games had announced weekly competitive tournaments for four characters. The first of these characters was Daredevil, the second was Ghost Rider, and the third was Black Widow. Epic Games, who shared a post on his Twitter account yesterday, announced that the fourth and final character will be Venom. In the weekly tournament, you will be able to win the Venom character.

The fact that the fourth character will be Venom was revealed weeks ago by the users with great reputation with the information they leaked, but no details about the appearance of this character could be given. The Spider-Man character’s archenemy will look more menacing, although similar to the Guff look. He will also come with harvesting tools, including gliders, like the previous three characters.

Venom was played by Tom Hardy in the movie of the same name directed by Ruben Fleischer. Prior to that, he was seen as Eddy Brock by Toper Grace, the human side, in Spider-Man 3, where Sam Raimi was the director. Even though we haven’t seen Venom in any Spider-Man movie since then, Marvel’s was mentioned in the Spider-Man game.

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