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Impressive gameplay trailer from PS5 debut game Demon’s Souls


New gameplay images have arrived from Demon’s Souls, the most anticipated game of PlayStation 5. The game looks really impressive visually.

New gameplay footage for the Demon’s Souls remake, one of the release games of PlayStation 5, was released today. In the video shared by Sony, we get the opportunity to see new images from different parts of the game. Demon’s Souls remake has attracted fans of the original game as well as new players.

Sony also shared some new details for the Demon’s Souls remake today. According to the statements made, the game will offer two different modes, 4K 30 FPS (cinematic mode) and dynamic 4K 60 FPS (performance mode) on PlayStation 5. It was also stated that there will also be some extra graphic filters that will take black and white and gamers back to the PS3 days.

Some details on Demon’s Souls remake:

  • There is no difficulty level. Like the original game and all other Souls productions, there will only be one standard difficulty.
  • The World Tendency system is preserved. However, since it was difficult to understand this system in the original game, some interface innovations were introduced.
  • Dialogues in the game have been re-recorded. The voice actors of the original game are back.
  • There is a mode called Fractured Mode in the game. It will turn the maps upside down and create extra difficulty.
  • There are as many maps as in the original game. There was the thought of adding the sixth Archstone, but it did not come true.
  • The standard version will include all the content of the original game. However, exclusive to the Deluxe Edition, new weapons etc. attached.

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