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Ibrahimovic claimed EA Sports used his face and name without permission


Zlatan Ibrahimović, who is well known in the football world, stated in a tweet shared today that EA Sports used his face and name without permission. Ibrahimović said it was time to investigate. Zlatan’s share came in support from another star.

The FIFA series, which football fans love, got its new game in October. FIFA 21 also promised players new and improved mechanics this year. But today, the latest game in the game series, which EA Sports has developed and published, has been brought up by some of football’s most familiar names.

Zlatan Ibrahimović, currently playing for Italian football team AC Milan, made a comment on Twitter criticising FIFA. “Who gave EA Sports permission to use my face and name in the game? FIFPro?”he gave a statement and expressed his complaint.

Ibrahimovic claimed EA Sports used his face and name without permission

Zlatan tweeted: “I don’t remember being a member of FIFPro, and if I was, it was placed there without my knowledge in a strange move. I certainly didn’t allow FIFAcom or FIFPro to make money using me.”the form continued. In an add-on to the bottom of this tweet, Zlatan said::

“Someone made money all these years without any deal over my name and face. It’s time to research.”

Another star player, Gareth Bale, also responded to the tweet shared by the star player. Gareth Bale, who has clearly shown his support for Zlatan, tweeted that he shared:”interesting… what’s FIFPro?”and the hashtag # TimeToInvestigate.

Milan and Inter sign EA Sports:

Earlier this year, EA Sports announced it had signed a deal with AC Milan and Inter covering several years. Under the agreement signed, the Italian giants would be exclusively featured in FIFA 21. This meant that players from the AC Milan and Inter teams, their training grounds and stadiums could be used.

Of course, among the players who could be used under the deal was probably Zlatan Ibrahimović. However, if we look at the tweet shared by Zlatan, we can see that he is not very happy despite the agreement. Let’s see where Gerath and Zlatan take their first step in the future.

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