How would GTA: San Andreas look if it was on next-generation consoles? (Video)


What would GTA: San Andreas next generation game consoles look like on PS5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X? Here’s the look of the timeless video game on new consoles!

How would GTA San Andreas look if it was on next generation consoles Video
How would GTA: San Andreas look if it was on next-generation consoles? (Video)

Rockstar Games introduced the revamped version of Grand Theft Auto V for Playstation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S towards the end of 2020. Although no official information has been shared by Rockstar yet, according to players, the company is currently continuing the development of GTA 6, which will be the last game of the series. So, what would GTA: San Andreas look like if it made its debut on new generation game consoles with renewed graphics?

How Does GTA: San Andreas Look Like on Next-Generation Consoles?

This year has been a very fruitful year for Rockstar Games. GTA Online added value to the company with its earnings. GTA V and GTA Online are among the video games that many players still play every day, although it has been about 7 years since the release of the games.

Although the new games of the series are far ahead in terms of graphics, nostalgia-loving players want to return to the old games of the series and have an idea of ​​how these games look with new technology.

While it is unlikely that Rockstar will rearrange older versions such as San Andreas, a YouTuber named XXII prepared a trailer using the game mode for players who are very curious about how the PS5 remastered version of the game will look. He released this trailer with the title “GTA: San Andreas Definitive Edition”.

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When the trailer is examined, it is seen that some changes have been made in the shading and lighting settings of the game, reminiscent of the new generation. As seen from the trailer, the game mode is a little far from perfect, but it makes the players have an idea of ​​how the game will look when it is taken again. The trailer features CJ, Big Smoke, Ryder, Frank Tenpenny, Kendl, Cesar, and Sweet, as predicted.

Although it is unlikely that Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive will revisit GTA: San Andreas in the next few years, it is possible to say that it is an extremely useful trailer for those who want to spend nostalgic moments. You can watch the fan-made trailer on the player right above. Well, what are your thoughts about the remake of the game? You can share your thoughts about GTA: San Andreas Definitive Edition with us in the comments section.

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