How to Solve the Resident Evil Village Bell Puzzle?

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In this content, we share with you how to solve the bell puzzle in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village has been on the shelves as of today after an exciting wait. Like other games in the series, Village has a lot of puzzles to overcome.

How to Solve the Resident Evil Village Bell Puzzle

If you’re stuck in this section, you’re probably not alone. Finding the first few of the five bells you need to ring to progress through the game is quite simple. However, for the remaining bells, you need to keep your eyes peeled and think a little. If you have scanned every corner of the room but still have not found a solution, then at least now you are in the right place.

Navigating Lady Dimitrescu’s labyrinthine castle, the struggle you enter while searching for keys, masks and more, is already a riddle in itself. However, the Resident Evil Village bell puzzle is only located in one room. If you wish, let’s see what the five bells are where you can find them without further ado.

Resident Evil Bell Puzzle: Where to Find Five Bells

How to Solve the Resident Evil Village Bell Puzzle 1

When you see the huge portrait of Lady Dimitrescu to your right on the wall in the Atelier room of the Hall of Joy in Dimitrescu’s castle, you will know that you are in the right room for the bell puzzle. As he approaches the canvas in a booth in the middle of this room, the note attached to it reads, “Let the five bells of this room ring.”

Not all bells need to ring at the same time. You only have to hit each one once. Every time you shoot each one, a small flame will appear on them. So, where are the bells hidden in the room? Here are the steps to follow for the Resident Evil Village bell puzzle.

  • The first bell is across the door from the room, next to a bust of a man. You can use your knife to cut it.
  • There’s a gap in the wall across the door you entered. When you move the wheels behind it, you will see the bell appear.
  • There’s a smaller bell in front of a gold-framed picture on top of the cabinet you smashed for extra gun ammunition (opposite the wall with the wheels).
  • For the fourth bell, climb the stairs and look out the window on the other side. Hit the bell that hangs out of the window.
  • Shoot the chandelier at the top of the stairs. After shaking, the fifth bell will also appear.
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When you hit all five bells, they will all ring again, and with the squeak of a door opening, a hidden door hidden inside the portrait of Lady Dimitrescu will appear. Thus, the Resident Evil Village bell puzzle will be completed. If you have the courage, you can continue the rescue mission by entering through this door.

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