How to become a better CSGO player? Here are the tactics

How to become a better CSGO player Here are the tactics
How to become a better CSGO player? Here are the tactics

Despite the fact that years have passed since its release, CS:GO is a game that retains its popularity. It consistently ranks in the top 3 on Steam’s list of games with the most instant players. The fact that the game has an ever-evolving content allows it to hold its players for years to come. In order to be better in the game, there are some CS:GO tactics that you need to apply, so we are here with a ranking of tactics to play better CS:GO.

Better CS: tactics to play GO

It takes a lot of effort to be good at FPS games. If you do not intend to make gaming a business, it is best to set entertainment as the first priority. Play great or play terrible. If playing a game makes you feel good, no more!

Make sure your computer is enough to play the game

How to become a better CSGO player Here are the tactics 1

No matter how good a player you are, if your system can’t run the game above 60 FPS, there will probably be system-related problems. So for the best gaming experience, first make sure that your system is enough for the game. If your system is not very good and you want to get high FPS values in Playable settings, you can review the guide below.

Tactics to play better CS:GO: get your equipment selection right

How to become a better CSGO player Here are the tactics 2

Equipment is very important to fully reflect your game. Choosing quality mice and headphones is very important in CS:GO and other FPS games. Ergonomic and internal parts using quality equipment will make a great contribution to your game. My advice is to get a 7.1 Surround-supported headset and a mouse running at a refresh rate of at least 500Hz. The keyboard is not of great importance for FPS games, it is enough that your keyboard is comfortable.

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Practice before entering the match

Equipment is OK, your system plays the game easily. Now that you’re ready to go into the game, you have to warm up before you start, rather than looking for a match as soon as you start. 10 minutes of training before entering each match can have a big impact on your game. You can play the “Death Match” Game Mode to make training the fastest. In this game mode, you are born again when you die, and you can be thrown into the middle of a conflict with the weapon you want.

Advanced training: Aim, spray and ” sound contraction”

The concepts we have mentioned may seem very foreign to you. First, let’s talk about what these are:

CS: GO tactics: What is Aim?

The sight is the line you hold. You should always aim a little below the head level. In order to work on this, there is a training map played by millions: “Aim Botz”. You can get this map by clicking here. Then you can enter the game and connect to the map from the workshop maps. When you enter, you need to quickly hit the boots at head level. You can improve your aim by quickly shooting the boots in the head. We recommend that you do this training every day you play the game. Because our wrist loses its adjustment every day.

How to become a better CSGO player Here are the tactics 3

CS: GO tactics: What is Spray?

Spray is the fire profile formed by the recoil of the weapon. If you’ve noticed, when you scan it with a gun, the bullets bounce off. This tab has a separate profile for each weapon. As the bullets go up, if you pull the gun down, most of the bullets will go to the enemy. Especially in order to play a lot of bouncing weapons, such as the AK-47, it is very important that you improve your spray. You can also improve this from the Aim Botz map we just mentioned.

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CS:GO tactics: What is sound contraction?

That must be the easiest term to understand. It is to hear where the enemy is coming from by following in his footsteps. That’s what makes headset selection important for CS:GO. Headphones that support technologies such as 7.1 Surround make it easier to understand where the enemy is coming from. There are some maps available to improve this ability, but we do not recommend playing them. If your headset has a hand in sound contraction, enter a match and listen to the footsteps of enemies, and you will see that your ability develops as you play. In order to play better CS:GO, the tactics in this subheading must be constantly improved.

Tactics to play better CS:GO: play with your own settings

One of the mistakes that beginners make is to use the settings files of professional players. But the right setting for you is one that makes you comfortable. There may be some optimizations in the settings of professionals, but you should always choose the settings that suit you. At first, you may not know much about your game settings, but over time, you will be more comfortable playing the game if you discover the settings that suit you.

Protect your communications with the team

It is very important to communicate with the team in FPS games such as CS:GO. For this, you should use voice chat, if you do not have a microphone, text chat can also work. You don’t need to be high-level in your English to communicate with the team, just know certain words. Communication is very important when starting the game to decide which bombing area to go to, to quickly report the location of enemies, or to talk about the team economy. A small exception: you can silence those who disturb you, persistently speak their own language.

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These tactics we’re talking about should be your routine in the game. First of all, remember that competition is just one game. If the only reason you’re playing is not to rise up the rank, stay away from cheating for a fair game environment.

How did you find our tactics guide to playing better CS:GO? If you also have suggestions, you can share them in the comments section.

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