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Here are the most winning games of September


In September, Borderlands 3 set a record for digital sales, while the Fate / Grand Order game ravaged the mobile world. Fortnite seems to be losing popularity.

Here are the most winning games of September

The video game industry has become a giant billion dollar economy today, but the lion’s share is now going to mobile games. In September, console and PC games declined, while mobile games managed to increase revenue.

Fortnite in decline

According to a survey conducted by Superdata, digital game spending fell by 1 percent in September at $ 8.9 billion. PC games dropped 3 percent in total sales, while console games dropped 17 percent. Mobile games dominated 52 percent of the market with an increase of 6 percent.

Borderlands 3 reached a record 3.3 million in digital sales, while Dungeon Fighter Online took the first place, leaving it behind in terms of total revenue in the PC category. On the console side, the NBA 2020, FIFA 20 and Borderlands 3 share the top three.

On the mobile side, Fate / Grand Order made $ 246 million in China, mainly with earnings. The money spent in the game increases exponentially every month. Pokemon GO and Last Shelter: Survival games follow him.

Fortnite, one of the most winning games in the gaming world, seems to have lost interest in the transition to the second phase. It was stated that revenues decreased by 43 percent in September and the worst month since 2018 was spent. If Chapter 2 is not effective, Fortnite may lose its former popularity.


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