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Half-Life: Alyx announcement explodes Valve Index sales


Explaining that he will invest in the virtual reality industry from now on, Valve is successfully implementing its strategy despite being risky. Half-Life: Alyx announcement explodes Valve Index sales.

Half-Life: Alyx announcement explodes Valve Index sales

Valve, which prepared the new Half Life game, which the entire video game world is curiously waiting for after 13 years, as a virtual reality, gave the signs that it wants to make big investments in the VR sector. The strategy of the company in the sector worked with Valve Index glasses.

A risky strategy

According to the analysis by SuperData, the sales figure of Valve Index virtual reality helmet was 103 thousand in the last quarter of the year. While PS VR sold 338 thousand in the same period, Oculus Quest glasses also managed to reach 317 thousand.

Actually, at first glance Valve’s sales numbers don’t seem promising, but the glasses sold around 50,000 in the first three months of its release. Half-Life: This number doubled after the Alyx announcement. Valve Index has finished stocks in all regions where it is on sale. It is also stated that the figures obtained may be slightly higher due to stock changes.

Although there are a lot of criticism, it seems that fans are preparing VR for the Half-Life: Alyx game. Regardless, players who want to experience this adventure have flocked to the glasses. Of course, it is important that Valve Index owners will have the game with a little more discount and earlier. Valve is expected to reach important sales figures this year.

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