GTA VI Gameplay Features(Spoiler)

GTA VI Gameplay FeaturesSpoiler
GTA VI Gameplay Features(Spoiler)

Various news continues to appear in the direction of the course of GTA 6, the game that the whole world is looking forward to. The most important came from Reddit as of today.

GTA 6 information provided by a user on Reddit contains a lot of detail. It is possible to say that the person presenting the information is a former employee of Rockstar Games. A new one of the information about GTA 6 came through Reddit as of today.

Let’s move on to that detailed GTA 6 information.

• Dead bodies can be carried into trunks to conceal them. When stopped by the police, they may search your vehicle, and finding a dead body in your trunk will result in an immediate wanted level. Similar to GTA IV’s “Have a Heart”, taming damage to your vehicle may cause the trunk to pop open. If there is a dead body inside, it will be visible causing civilians to call the police or police to notice and cause a wanted level.

• Playing as Rose, you can order police responders away from a crime scene you have created, or call them for backup if you find yourself in a firefight.

• Rose can arrest or ticket civilians. Arresting a civilian will prompt you to order the civilian into a police car to drive them to the station. At the station, they can be seen in the cells for a period of time and may attempt to bribe or beg Rose for release. Ticketing a civilian will add their ticket value to the police budget. Rose can choose between a selection of ticket values based on the observed offence.

• The VCPD has a budget that works somewhat similarly to RDR2’s camp funds feature. It is not necessary to keep on top of the budget, but some features are limited or unavailable otherwise. Solving cases, issuing tickets and convicting criminals will boost the department’s budget. Hiring new officers, calling backup, committing crimes, purchasing supplies and replacing equipment will need to be manually assigned from the budget at Rose’s office.

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• If you are seen speeding by Police officers, you will receive a one star wanted level. Pulling over will result in a ticket.

• Near the end game, Ricardo and Kacey form their own criminal organizations. Ricardo then mainly resides in South America and smuggles drugs back to Vice City. Kacey forms his own criminal empire in Carcer City & Liberty City. The direction of Kacey’s empire is more up to the player.

• As a drug lord, Ricardo must hire criminals into his cartel. These ‘employees’ can smuggle drugs for Ricardo or he can choose to do this himself. Should you assign your employees to do this for you, it will eat into your profits and comes with added risk, but you don’t need to spend your own time doing this and can make money passively. If you travel to the right locations, you can see Ricardo’s men smuggling contraband. Ricardo must buy the drugs, cut them down and smuggle them to Vice City. Each stage requires employees to carry out your operations.

• There are multiple active serial killers throughout the game that wk kill periodically throughout the story, leaving clues for Rose’s department. In game news outlets will speak on the ongoing cases.

• If Rose’s department manages to greatly reduce crime rates, residents of Vice City will be more likely to cooperate. However, if the public loses trust in the police, people will often refuse to cooperate, making Rose’s job much more difficult.

• There is an alternate ending where Rose is discovered for her affiliation with Ricardo and Kacey and is subsequently killed in a gunfight. I am unsure how each ending comes about.

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• News broadcasts (TV and Radio) and newspapers (online and trash around the world) will often have information of your character’s crimes.

• Gangs occupy different territories. In Vice City, Rose can arrange sit downs with gang leaders to help keep the peace.

• Absent of cheats, players will have far less health than previous titles – little more than NPCs.

• Similar to RDR2, players can interact with NPCs around them.

• Cash will be far more difficult to obtain in this title. It’s very possible for players to end the main game broke.

• Players can play various sports, including; golf, tennis, table tennis and basketball.

• Weapons are kept when ammo runs out, but the player can choose to voluntarily throw their weapon away, similar to GTA IV.

• Scanning license plates in police vehicles reveals information on the driver, including: name, address, occupation, criminal history and if the suspect has a valid license.

• All NPC’s will be assigned a place of residence and occupation, and go about their day accordingly. Following an NPC could see them leave their house in the morning, drive to work, head to a red light district and go back home, for example. Because of this, rush hour will see the city streets flooded with cars, while the roads will be significantly less contested at night and during working hours.

• Known gangs include: Aztecas, Vagos, Colombian Cartel, Lobo Cartel, Madrazo Crime Family, Yardies, Broker Kings, Angels of Death MC, Skinheads (predominantly prison gang with some outside chapters), Korean Mob, Vasquez Crime Family, Russian Mafia, Triads, Ballas, The Tong Family, Amir Group, Jewish Mob.

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• Niko Bellic is not a major character in GTA VI. Other returning characters include: Bricue Kibutz, Poppy Mitchell, Bruce Spade, “Little” Jacob (known only as Jacob Hughes in this title), Lacey Jonas, Roman Bellic, Miranda Cowan, “Gay” Tony Prince, Candy Suxxx (referenced), January Vasquez, Cloe Parker, Yusef Amuir, the Avon Crastenburg Family

• Michael Hollick is not returning.

• Neither Michael, Franklin, nor Trevor return.

• Celebrity life is a huge part of GTA VI.

• The world is fully fleshed out, with a far more expansive internet, a plethora of celebrities, interactive social media (Lifeinvader, Bleeter [players can set up their own Bleeter accounts and interact with each other online] and ChiSpy [Video sharing platform the world by storm]).

• Children do not feature predominantly in the game.

• The online element will be a separate title released after GTA VI.

•Nudity is prevalent.

• Rose is known to like lettuce.

• Online will have far more connectivity to the GTA VI story, and the storyline is created with online in mind.

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