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GTA Fans Surprise: GTA Movie Is Coming


The new game of Grand Theft Auto, one of the world’s most popular game series and brands, is eagerly awaited by fans. However, fans may encounter the GTA movie before the new game of the series.

The most anticipated thing from the Grand Theft Auto series, one of the biggest brands in the game world, is probably the new game of the series, GTA VI. Fans of the series may encounter the GTA movie before the new game.

GTA V, which met with the players in 2013, functions as a money counter, so to speak. The game is still among the best sellers after 7 years, as well as in-game micro purchases continue to make the producer company smile.

Grand Theft Auto movie is coming

GTA Fans Surprise: GTA Movie Is Coming

GTA players can still wander the streets of Los Santos and have a pleasant time with robbery missions. There are those who say that the game’s still being so popular delayed the arrival of GTA VI. However, one of the reasons behind the fact that the new game has not been released is the work on the GTA V-based movie.

According to the news in We Got This Covered, a source previously saying that the Resident Evil 4 remake is under development and that Netflix is working on The Witcher: Blood Origin, it is now in the early stages of the project and there is a lot of attention to the events in GTA V. He said he wouldn’t be connected.

It is predicted that the GTA movie will convey the ‘real’ versions of the characters Michael, Franklin and Trevor. However, what is known about this project is just these for now, it is not yet known what the focal point of the film’s story will be. So what do you think of the Grand Theft Auto movie? Do you think the actors who play Michael, Franklin, and Trevor in the game also bring the same characters to life in the movie? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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