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GTA 6 Will Be Announced Next Month, Suggest Fans


A new development is underway for the GTA 6, which gamers have been waiting for. Fans believe the GTA 6 will be announced at events organized by Sony in December. It is confusing that the announcement of the GTA 5 is similar.

Japan-based technology giant Sony, “PlayStation Awards” event will host on December 3. The events will include announcements on the agenda as well as an award for the best-selling PlayStation in 2019. While the countdown to this event took place, a very interesting claim was made. Some gamers believe that Rockstar Games will take the stage and announce the GTA 6.

It is an absolute fact that Rockstar Games is working on GTA 6. However, the company has not made any disclosure to date. It is not known why Rockstar Games takes such an attitude, but GTA 6 needs to be announced. The reason for this is that the GTA 5 was launched in 2013. Although GTA 5 is still a popular game, gamers want to meet GTA 6 as soon as possible.

GTA 6 Will Be Announced Next Month, Suggest Fans

Rockstar Games is a company that prefers to release its popular games at regular intervals. All gamers expect it, but this time the company has begun to delay a bit. Because GTA 5 has been on the market for six years, but Rockstar Games hasn’t made a statement about the GTA 6. This is seriously confusing the gamers.

So why would Rockstar Games announce the GTA 6 at the PlayStation Awards? In fact, this could be a sensible date for Rockstar Games because the PlayStation Awards are the last big game event of 2019. If Rockstar Games skipped this date and postponed hopes for 2020, things could get a little more complicated. Because in 2020 we will meet both a new Xbox and a new PlayStation.

The announcement of the GTA 6 by 2020 seems to be somewhat disappointing to the expectations of gamers. Because the game is postponed to 2020, GTA 6 will be prepared for the new game consoles reveals the idea. But gamers are more than satisfied with both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One for the time being, and the new game consoles don’t make much sense at the moment.

There is an interesting detail on the subject. Rockstar Games made the announcement of GTA 5 during Sony’s press conference at the E3 2013 events and heralded that GTA 5 was coming to PlayStation 4. Now, a similar event seems to bring Rockstar Games together with Sony. However, this situation will probably not be known before December 3rd.

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