GTA 6 release date leak teases big map change and this easter egg may support it


PlayStation and Xbox fans can’t figure out if the new GTA 6 ‘leak’ should be taken seriously. But there’s one key detail everyone seems to have ignored.

GTA 6 release date leak teases big map change and this easter egg may support it

We’ve seen an interesting ‘leak’ doing the rounds this week with regards to GTA 6.

As we’re no doubt sure fans of Grand Theft Auto are aware, Rockstar are remaining tight lipped on the progress of any successor to the increasingly popular GTA 5.

That said, there’s plenty of signs that are pointing towards something brewing behind the scenes at Rockstar Games.

We doubt very much we’ll be seeing GTA 6 release in 2020 , if anything we think it’s more likely that the game is announced later this year with a view to releasing the game in 2021.

But before Rockstar officially announce anything, fans are searching for breadcrumbs like Hansel and Gretel to discern if there is indeed any clues that might give the game away.

We’re getting sidetracked, but to bring it back, PS4, Xbox and PC players this week think they discovered another clue.

Or at the very least a subtle nod to that new game coming in the future.

It stems from a user on Reddit who spotted lets call it an interesting billboard in GTA 5.

It relates to a company called Six Figure Temps, a drug smuggling company sponsored by ‘Adios Airlines’.

You can even visit the website for Six Figure Temps and take a test that specifically mentions South and Central America.

On it’s own, it’s rather worthless, but intriguingly, it does line up with rumours surrounding that next GTA 6 release.

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Namely, a game that spans various locations, including, potentially South and Central America.

Now, this isn’t confirmation by any means. The fact that Rockstar uses remarkably silly companies in the game makes it hard to say with certainty for one. But equally, without any firm details on the next GTA game it’s more interpretation than fact.

However, there’s one key detail worth mentioning that we haven’t seen flagged by other stories reporting this latest GTA theory.

What some Grand Theft Auto players forget, or perhaps don’t know, is how regularly Rockstar has hinted at other titles in it’s games.

For instance, was you aware that there’s at least two rather big mentions of GTA 5 within GTA 4?

You’ll find one of these GTA 5 easter-eggs on a billboard for an airline.

The billboard’s message reads: “Visit Los Santos from $299 (rtn), fly U6 – Live a little, fly with US.”

There’s also an amusement park in GTA 4 and the background to one of the rides features an image of the Vinewood Hills.

For those who don’t know, Vinewood Hills is one of the more notable locations from GTA 5.

Whilst we would certainly agree that some salt should be taken when taking into consideration this ‘Six Figure Temps’ billboard, it’s certainly not the wildest theory given Rockstar’s history.

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