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GTA 6 Possibly Hinted at in New Rockstar Games’ Job Listing


The sixth game of the Grand Theft Auto series, which has become indispensable for gamers, has been discussed for a long time. The game, which hasn’t even been mentioned by its producers, has been renegotiated by Rockstar’s job posting.

While the GTA V was not yet eager for the game, the sixth game of the series was already being discussed. I wonder what would happen in GTA VI, who was the characters, what the story, what the multiplayer world would look like.

There is still no official statement about GTA VI on the market. Therefore, some people interpret each of Rockstar’s activities as GTA VI. But what we are going to say today may be one of the most powerful things that point to GTA VI.

Rockstar Games recently shared a job posting. However, in the job announcement, the section that attracted the attention of many actors made them say that Rockstar was working on GTA VI. The description of Rockstar in his job search for character costume and stylist was as follows:

We are looking for someone who knows in depth the historical and cultural significance of clothing in society, from past times to modern street styles and trends. You will be able to communicate this information in a creative and visual way.

Of course, since there is no GTA VI phrase in the job advertisement, we cannot say that this advertisement directly refers to GTA VI studies. We also reported last week rumors that Rockstar Games is working on a medieval game. Maybe this announcement belongs to that mysterious game, we don’t know.

We passed GTA VI itself, and rumors spread even about the release date of the game. Well, since the game will be the sequel to such a popular series, people are looking for all kinds of clues as they look for needles in a haystack. Two weeks ago, a story shared by a Hip Hop artist on Instagram was the event.

But the story shared by City Morgue did not point directly to GTA VI again. It only showed a possible deal with Rockstar Games. Last week we had a more utopian claim: the game will be announced two days later, on 3 December 2019.

No matter how far this claim may sound, the outlet is far more robust than the previous claim. Some users who searched GTA 6 on Google came across the game’s blank page for PlayStation. But time will tell us which of these claims is true.

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