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GTA 6, Netflix Series Narcos will carry breezes

GTA 6, Netflix Series Narcos will carry breezes

According to a new rumor about Grand Theft Auto 6, the highly anticipated game will be inspired by Netflix’s popular Narcos.

A Reddit user named JackOLantern1982 gave important information about the next Grand Theft Auto game, which he reportedly used as “Project Americas”.

Grand Theft Auto 6, or simply GTA 6, the digital broadcasting platform Netflix’s popular series inspired Narcos’dan Reddit user, said the new game in the series will take the drug trafficking center in Colombia.

In the first two seasons, Narcos depicted the life of the world famous Colombian drug cartel Pablo Escobar. The popular series, which came out with its fourth season last year, was about drug cartels in Mexico City, Mexico’s capital city.

GTA 6, which has been repeatedly postponed due to Rockstar Games’ focus on Red Dead Redemption 2, will pass between 1970-1980.

Rumor has it that we’re going to control a male character named Ricardo, who’s in charge of cocaine trafficking from Vice City to South America. The story will also include topics such as HIV and the migration crisis that occurred at that time.

Other rumors surrounding the GTA 6 include crossing over multiple cities and launching on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett platforms. We will continue to share with you as new information about the highly anticipated game emerges. Continue to follow us!

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