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GTA 6 leaker claims to reveal game’s soundtrack for radio stations

GTA 6 leaker claims to reveal game’s soundtrack for radio stations

A new Grand Theft Auto 6 claims to have knowledge of the songs that will play in the next iteration of the popular franchise, including artists like Childish Gambino, Eminem and Guns N’ Roses.

While you may not realize it, music is an integral part of any game, and can be used to set the scene and give emotion to characters and moments that may not have connected as well without the perfect soundtrack.

In Grand Theft Auto V, much of the soundtrack is provided by the in-game radio, which regularly plays hit songs and cult classic to give you the perfect sound as you cause chaos around Los Santos and the greater San Andreas area.

A Reddit user named temperaturerising45, who released a number of claims regarding the location of the game and possible characters, has returned to the GTA6 subreddit.

Now, they are claiming to have a list of artists and songs set to appear on the game, although they are only the tracks that they can remember.

These would play on the various radio stations in the game, with each one focused on a specific genre of music, such as hip hop, rock, or pop. You can view the full list of songs that the leaker claims will be in the game below.

Alleged Grand Theft Auto 6 songs

With rumors suggesting that GTA 6 is set to remain in San Andreas county, it’s possible that some of the stations, like West Coast Classics and Los Santos Rock Radio, which made appearances in GTA V could make a return with this game.

Rockstar even brought in a number of celebrities to act as hosts of the channels, with rock musician Kenny Loggins and actress Cara Delevingne lending their vocal talents to the game back in 2013.

Of course, there’s no way to verify whether any of these tracks will appear in GTA 6, but the spread of genres does seem to fit what Rockstar tries to accomplish when choosing music for the franchise. 

With most analysts stating that we won’t see any kind of announcement this year, fans of the game will likely have to wait to find out who they’ll be listening to on their way to missions and heists.


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