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GTA 6 for sale on a Austrian site! GTA 6 in 2020?

GTA 6 for sale on a German site

GTA 6 will come out in 2020? The Austrian video game chain Gameware is so sure that it has already been put in sale with many unpublished details. They range from PEGI (obviously 18+, but we would not have expected otherwise) to the languages ​​included, in this case German and English. Moving on to the price. Ah, the European version of Gran Theft Auto VI will be strictly uncensored.

In many similar cases these are simple placeholder, or pre-filled forms that shopkeepers create pending official news. In the case of the site Austrian Gameware it is the many details that intrigue us. First of all, GTA VI is present in two versions, one European and one Austrian. The first costs 59.99, but the second, for 10 euros more, also has a mysterious bonus inside.

Then the platforms: Gran Theft Auto VI will come up PS4, PC and Xbox One. Later we have the PEGI 18 and the languages ​​contained, in this case English and German. In addition, the site knows that the version offered is 100% uncensored. A little zealous as a placeholder, isn’t it, or is it a smart commercial move? The story of Gameware, however, is clear: months ago anticipated official cover and release date of NFS Heat.


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